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Aural Sex Audio

2010-01-20 00:19:38 by Aural-Sex-Audio

Hey Newgrounds!


Aural Sex Audio is a new electro/hard house band that's making it's way through the charts quickly. It has the ideal house/electro style designed for dancing, while keeping roots in it's bass lines which connect to the listeners heart. The unique sound that Aural Sex Audio has is due to the inclusion of IDM styles of percussion which give for an ultimate listening experience both mentally and physically. They are signed under a minor label, thats currently undergoing construction, titled Logical Defiance Productions. The entirety of the label, band management, and the artist itself are the product of a sole proprietorship owned by Michael Breed: A four year music industry veteran.

Brainfryer Out

- ASAudio


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2010-01-20 01:02:20

Sounds awesome

Aural-Sex-Audio responds:

Thanks Slut (<<LOL)

Our first tune will be up as soon as the audio submission is approved.


2010-04-19 00:55:40

Sup. Can't wait to hear sum moor sick tunes from ya.